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Sign Chi Do is an innovative technique that incorporates sign gesture with movement, music and breath. This technique was designed by a medical physician that helps to literally strengthen the brain body connection. It has been found to be effective in helping with many condition such as poor balance, memory, anxiety, depression, muscle fatigue, and high blood pressure. The most unique characteristic of Sign Chi Do is that it actively engages the human spirit.

There are no other movement based meditation programs that are grounded as deeply in prayer as this program is. Voted one of Arizona's Top Docs, Dr. Anne Borik, a Catholic Christian Medical physician, exercise physiologist, martial artist and founder of Sign Chi Do initially developed this technology to help her grandmother recover from a stroke. It has since been medically proven to enhance wellness in the aging population as an alternative to Tai Chi.

"Sign Ch Do is perfect because it quiets the chatter to help you to be more focused on what you are doing at the time. It can be used a a simple technique for health or it can be a tool to help deepen your prayer practice. It's up to you!"

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